An incredible adventure is just about to start. Are you ready?

Lost City Tour – Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

An adventure of 4 or 5 days in Colombia, an unforgettable hike.

Teyuna Tours is the only Local Tour Operator of the Lost City Tour to be owned and run by Local Tour Guides.

We are no intermediaries or resellers; unlike Viator, Awake, Global Journeys, GetYourGuide, Expedia, or G Adventures, we directly operate the Lost City trek.

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta: A Sustainable Tourism Destination

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta: A Sustainable Tourism Destination with Rich Biodiversity and Ancient Native Tribes  Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the location of the world-famous "Lost City," is a stunning mountain range located in the northern coast of Colombia....

Staycation in Santa Marta

Staycation: why is Santa Marta the best destination for this trend  As you may know, Covid-19 changed tourism business and its trends once and forever: quick-changing travel restrictions, shady refund policies in case of flight cancellations, uncertainty, borders...

The importance of direct booking

Direct booking: 3 factors you should take into account